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You are employed, transitioning towards a new job? You are an independent worker, an executive? A professional athlete? Certified professional coaching is designed to support you on a project or a goal you want to achieve. It brings multi-dimensional tools tailored to the challenges of the current period.

Let’s discuss on how coaching can support your journey where you can test a live one-to-one session.


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Examples of possible steps in a coaching journey

  • Clarifying your needs and expectations, choosing the path you want to take
  • Exploring your inner resources, aligning yourself on your values and getting rid of limiting beliefs
  • Anchoring best practices that work now and support your long term development
  • Being supported by a certified professional in order to take brave decisions!


Examples of possible steps in a coaching journey

Getting to know your professional coach, Yoann

After graduating from a leading European Business School (Kedge Bordeaux) - exchange student at Wake Forest University (USA), I started as a management consultant in Paris (Ailancy). After meeting my wife-to-be Caroline, we emigrated to South Africa where I launched the subsidiary of C & T (French renewable technology company) and joined Emergent Energy, as Business Development Manager then CEO for 4 years, contributing to build a leader in the African solar industry with a unique company culture.

Through a year’s involvement in Partners for Possibilities’ programme, where I worked with the Principal of a township school in Johannesburg, I literally discovered new ways to bring transformation beyond expertise and money! It has been coupled with a personal journey from becoming a father, discovering the South African culture to working on emotions at the workplace as well as monitoring power and ego levels in relationships.

I also started researching different fields: organisations theories, transactional analysis, NLP, cybernetics or our relationship to the wild. I crafted further the art of coaching with two ICF accredited programmes: France's International Mozaik and US' based Coactive. I am currently pursuing my ICF certification.

Besides my coaching practice, I develop impact projects in the field of biodiversity and agriculture in Europe. I relocated to the Western side of France in 2019 to be closer to my family.

More details on my business journey here


Getting to know your professional coach, Yoann

Why working online – special deal now!

I have decided to launch an 100% one-to-one online coaching programme. It allows to keep developing my cross-cultural coaching rooted in my French and South African experiences as I can now coach globally!

I offer a six month coaching programme (12 sessions) to be tailored with the coachee and valid for a start by September 2022:

  • businesses: 5000€ / $6600 / R85,000 

You may also join my co-development groups with other professionals to enjoy colelctive work and develop new tools.

Coaching can mean different things though… Nothing is better than a true chemistry session for you to experience!


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Why working online – special deal now!
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